Comment on Toyota “Will Sell” Char Aznable Gundam Auris by Phaeton99:

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Char’s counterattack seems somewhat more… underwhelming than expected. Probably has good efficiency, though — and is easier to park. ( — ω —)

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  • Birthday Cheer For Cloud Strife Plentiful in Supply:
    In regard to that lead image: poor Cloud. It’s his birthday and he gets haunted by dead people he couldn’t save. About the only way it could be worse for him would be a naked Sephiroth jumping out of a cake…. though that scenario would make for quite a comic image. >;D

  • Radical Racing Miku 2013 Figma:
    Whether one adores Miku or not, this particular version notwithstanding, it does seem something rather impressive that the figure can actually ride the bike properly, rather than it simply being a useless prop one can only pose her beside rather than astride.

  • AKB48 Otaku “Now Treated Like Paying Criminals”:
    So,finally treated appropriately. Now if only the talentless idols would receive come-uppance. Patience, patience: it will all occur in its own time — very, very soon…

  • Alluring Mako Ero-Cosplay by Natsuki:
    Clearly, clothing does not wear her.

  • Tokyo: “Glorifying Incest” = “Not Condemning It”:
    About the only thing that one can be assured Tokyo’s prurient leadership won’t do is follow the Western Feminazi moment to seek bans on any materiel that shows disgusting males be hideously attracted to the pure glory that is femininity. A pity that one must rely on ingrown misogyny for that margin.


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