Comment on Toyota “Will Sell” Char Aznable Gundam Auris by Phaeton99:

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Char’s counterattack seems somewhat more… underwhelming than expected. Probably has good efficiency, though — and is easier to park. ( — ω —)

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  • China “Arrests 20 Fujoshi Over BL”:
    Nuke? Just shower them with an endless stream of BL doujin until they either go mad or come to enjoy it. >;D

  • Pink Pineapple Oppai Mousepad “Most Realistic Ever”:
    Patent that design, and make a fortune! :3

  • “Strongly Sexual” Monpiece Cards Banned:
    “Strongly sexual”? These don’t even cross into basic hentai — and Western material is often far more sleazy…. ah, I get it! It’s a conspiracy to remove the imported competition. If the sheltered gaijin should learn of this uncensored, it would lead to a natural progression toward the true treasures of Nippon, and they would lose interest in the dubious charms of the local trollops…! (OωO)/

  • Kill la Kill Retro Ero-Paradise Anime:
    I am not sure how “retro” I would call it — more of the rarefied essence of idealized memories of old anime as filtered though very current sensibilities — but done well, very well indeed.

  • Cops Hunt Man For “Listening To Walkman”:
    I’m suspicious of those adults who file into the facility before the students arrive and only leave after the students are gone! Clearly, they are up to no good! (^ʘωʘ͠)/ (Which given some of the scandals, may actually be true)


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