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Another thought about Marina Inoue: from what’s posted here, I think she might be a better artist than Coharu Sakuraba, MINAMI-KE’s mangaka, though I admit that may not necessarily be fair, since all I’m seeing from her is single pages of manga at most. I dunno if she can churn out so many pages of art a month like a professional mangaka like Coharu Sakuraba can. It’s one thing to make one nice drawing of a girl, it’s another thing entirely to make 50 different drawings of the same girl in different poses and with different expressions for a single manga chapter.

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  • “Why Are Seiyuu Such Great Artists As Well?”:
    So, basically, Marina Inoue, the voice of Kana Minami, should also have done key animation for seasons 2 and 3 of MINAMI-KE. It’d have easily looked better than what Studio Asread’s B team could draw.

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    ^ Koreeda Hirokazu

  • Top 20 Anime You Wish Had a Live-Action Movie:
    Awesome, I love it whenever MINAMI-KE makes a list, unless it’s a list of bad anime/manga. I can’t imagine what a live-action MINAMI-KE would be like, a movie about three sisters living alone with no signs of any parents. Oh, right, it would be like an all-girl version of Koroeeda Hirakazu’s NOBODY KNOWS, except without any sad bits. I would legitimately love to see HARUHI SUZUMIYA and K-ON! as live-action movies.

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    SAILOR MOON’s as “Magical Girl” as KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE, at the very least. Kiki, by virtue of being a magic-using female, is a “magical girl”, but she’s not mahou shoujo in the conventional sense.

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    Ah, beat me to it by one minute. I salute you.

  • Top 10 Mahou Shoujo Anime, According to Women:
    There doesn’t seem to be a runner’s up list on the Japanese page this page links to either, so I don’t even have the satisfaction of knowing whether SAILOR MOON just barely missed the top 10 or whether it was languishing at #34, between WEDDING PEACH and MIRACLE GIRLS.


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