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So, basically, Marina Inoue, the voice of Kana Minami, should also have done key animation for seasons 2 and 3 of MINAMI-KE. It’d have easily looked better than what Studio Asread’s B team could draw.

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  • “Why Are Seiyuu Such Great Artists As Well?”:
    Another thought about Marina Inoue: from what’s posted here, I think she might be a better artist than Coharu Sakuraba, MINAMI-KE’s mangaka, though I admit that may not necessarily be fair, since all I’m seeing from her is single pages of manga at most. I dunno if she can churn out so many pages of art a month like a professional mangaka like Coharu Sakuraba can. It’s one thing to make one nice drawing of a girl, it’s another thing entirely to make 50 different drawings of the same girl in …

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  • Hantsu x Trash OAD Practices Breast Stroke:
    The funny thing about this OVA is that the main guy and the main girl are voiced by brother/sister seiyuu Yuuma and Maaya Uchida.

  • Kuma Miko Truly Traumatizing: The heckler from the other village assumed the “Trigglypuff” pose in that shot.

  • Top 20 Anime Cyborgs & Androids:
    I want to say Alpha Hatsuseno from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is sorely absent from this list, but I suppose YKK barely counts as an anime (2 separate OVA series of 2 episodes a piece, first one in 1998 & second one in 2002/03). I love the first OVA series and the second one is pretty good on its own merits, but they both barely scratch the surface of the world of the YKK manga.

  • Hypnodisia Highly Mesmerizing:
    So the plot device is just some kind of hypnosis potion/drug? That’s a shame; I think the “induction” (i.e. “watch the pendulum and listen to only my voice”) is the sexiest part of any hypno hentai.

  • Kuma Miko Cooks Up More Cuteness:
    Doesn’t it seem more and more like the real story of KUMAMIKO is “village elders want to exploit Machi’s cuteness to promote tourism” (because there’s absolutely nothing else exceptional about Kumade village that might bring in the tourists other than the talking bears)?


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