Aya Hirano Now Blonde: “Could It Get Any Worse!?”


Scandal seiyuu Aya Hirano’s latest new look is inflaming the sensibilities of her fans – she has gone blonde, and as if it could not be any worse actually pulls it off quite effectively:


Whether this is the acme of stylishness or a near descent into gyarudom (although judging from the typical response of otaku any hymenally impaired idol without long straight black hair is considered a complete strumpet) is exercising some controversy – her previous image for comparison, apparently dictated in part by her Thespian antics in a recent production of Les Miserables:



Even now, the slightest change in Hirano’s looks causes waves of dismay amongst her fans:

“No way!”

“She’s in danger of going bald…”

“Why did I ever get my hopes up!”

“I think she’s kinda cute, but don’t go bald please.”

“Her forehead…”

“Where is this woman headed?”

“She used to be cute.”

“I’m still a lifeliner despite all this!”

“People seem to hate her, but aside from criticising her hairstyle I’d be more worried about whether she is underweight.”

“At least she’s covering it.”


“This is Photoshop, I think.”

“I think this appeared as a character in One Piece.”


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