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some videos on it already with hands on
end to end lag is 100ms lower then most consoles looking at you PS3

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  • NVIDIA Unveils Project Shield Handheld:
    One problem with your comparison is that all of those consoles died because all of the consoles had to have the games developed for each individual console so that meant there were fewer (and lower quality) games for the consoles. With that there was no reason for anyone to buy the consoles or the games. This would be different since all games have the potential of running on all devices so it is just a choice on what one you pick and having the access to the entire library. It is just like …

  • NVIDIA Unveils Project Shield Handheld:
    Yeah. What are innovation and fresh ideas good for anyway? Everything should just stay the same and become stale for millenia. The German dude

  • NVIDIA Unveils Project Shield Handheld:
    PC gaming dead? Oh, that was a good one.

  • NVIDIA Unveils Project Shield Handheld:
    Oh, and Ouya of course. Can’t wait till that package arrives :D The German dude

  • NVIDIA Unveils Project Shield Handheld:
    Necessary since NVIDA will get no money from game sales. They have to sell this high to cover their costs, while other console and handheld producers rake in the money with game sales. You will be able to play an incredibly diversity of games with this thing, with it running a non-modified android OS. Personally, I am exited. I really like the technical side of this thing. Same goes for the upcoming steam box running linux. The German dude

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    Otaku bad blood.. ;P If you pay attention, there are already people from the left answering that they did not like it! These crazy people are not sympathetic even with themselves. The only mascot of these people is a red flag with sickle and hammer .. Or rather,they do not lend as real communists ..

  • Sonic the Hedgehog “Now An Alt-Left Symbol”:
    One side has pepe the other has sonic this world.. or.. well. at least america has gone off the fuckin deep end … oh now lets all go and say Using their newest hype word “Using Sonic is Cultural appropriation” and so on..

  • Doraemon Episode “Anti-Japanese”:
    this is so drastic out of context I don’t even understand the statement.

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    Should have asked the Hollywood to do an adaptation of Battle Tendency instead, with Dwayne The Rock as Joseph. He’d be perfect.

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    Can you trust a translation to be competent when the title consists of a japanese word and a seemingly unrelated, unfinished, vague english sentence?


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