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Indeed they are. I loved here voice so much.

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  • Sailor Moon Crystal Magical Nostalgia Anime:
    Meh, this series is still in the beginning phase so i’ll wait til the production team are able to get the 3D CG transformations right. (still hate how it looks) the only other gripe i have with this is that for the most part, the characters facial expressions are very..muted. The smiles are good, the cute little winks and grins are good. The panic expression? I don’t think there is one. and the afraid expression is basically just a slightly wider mouth. Its not a terrible watch, but i …

  • Sabagebu Airtight Airsoft Anime:
    Fine, you can take all the useless male protagonists, then everyone can be happy.

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Magical Nostalgia Anime:
    Jealousy is bad for your health, bro.

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Magical Nostalgia Anime:
    >Irritating Nope. Try again somewhere else, greeny.

  • Hanayamata Total Type B Mayhem:
    I feel like I’m running out of oxygen listening to her. How can she be so loud and speak so much without going unconscious? Great pair of lungs.


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