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Natsumi Takamori as… Misaki-Mei

well played.

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  • Sexy Sideboob Ushiwakamaru Figure:
    Please forgive someone in your heart Ushiwakamaru. I wish everyone could eat as much Mochi as they wanted. The Empire told her she would be harmed. It makes her scream inside everyday.×640

  • Top 20 Most Irritating Shonen Jump Heroines:
    The list only got 500 votes and out of those 500 only 30 were for ochako. So it more of a vocal minority rather than a good representation of what most readers actually think

  • Titillating Tanya Cosplay by Sachi Menacingly Sexy:
    Hotaru Tomoe was a emo mess even before Sailor Moon. She was always a sad kid who wanted it over in with the 4th grade. Talking about your feelings with anyone was looked down looked down upon in her family. If only she had someone like her from the beginning. Maybe her body was trying to check her out early so she would not need to stay around. Sailor Moon should forgive herself.

  • Top 20 Most Irritating Shonen Jump Heroines:
    If he did end up sending Nami to the Marines I think it would have taken away the last glimmer of peace in his life.

  • Top 20 Most Irritating Shonen Jump Heroines:
    Tsurara please give our “other” Asian friend a lover. I don’t know where she is in life after she stopped updating her mind mirror, but I think it would have made her happy. She was a lonely kid too. That would be a good chapter in the new manga.


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