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Kaori Ishihara is popular because she has a very similar voice to veteran Kaori Mizuhashi. She’s a good actor, but I think part of her popularity is the voice which is similar to Mizuhashi’s and Mizuhashi’s voice is very distinct and unique.

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  • Eiyuu Senki English Opening Unveiled:
    Wasn’t this getting a PC release in the US? I thought JAST was picking this up?

  • Boruto: Naruto the Movie Teased:
    Not watching it.

  • YouTube Reacts to ME! ME! ME!: “This is Disgusting!”:
    TheFineBros did a crappy job explaining the context of the meaning of the video anyways. And for the most part, I don’t like the majority of the YouTubers out there. They are superficial. Markiplier I thought responded well, because he unlike the majority of the other YouTubers shown in React, is a nerd and understand nerd culture and is an intellect without an agenda. The rest of those YouTubers are hardly anywhere close to be called a nerd or understanding nerd and intellect culture, through …

  • Nekopara Volume 1 “Nekomimi Heaven!”:
    Is the version on steam the all ages version or 18+ version?

  • Hibike! Euphonium PV “KyoAni’s K-ON! Successor!?”:
    IF this has extensive story and music I’ll watch it. I love Jazz, but I hope it doesn’t end up like K-on which was a disgrace towards music. Most of K-on was talking and in my opinion only had like 2 catch songs. The rest were trash. This may be better in the music department, but I’m worried that the lack of story and music development may be gutted by Kyoto Animation’s need to fill it with 99% moe.


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