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Agreed! I couldn’t care less about her personal life. That’s her own damn business! Fact is: She’s an amazing seiyuu! I still have my hopes up for Haruhi S3. ^-^

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  • Ikusei Keikaku Conclusion Rather Underwhelming:
    I would tend to agree if this were the end, but as it’s part of a much larger story I feel like constantly killing the cast every season might not be the best decision. Next season we’ll likely get a new crop of selection candidates with Ripple and Snow White trying to stop it and progress the story. Maybe even going against the world of magic directly.

  • Ikusei Keikaku Conclusion Rather Underwhelming:
    This season was only about 2 out of 9 volumes of the currently available content. The finale did everything it was supposed to introduced a larger scope to the world, left potential for a season 2 while finishing up everything from this season nicely (which a lot of shows fail at) and most importantly it didn’t fuck up. Some friends and I were considering endings and there are a lot of ways we were afraid they’d go like mass revival or snow white breaks character at the very end and murders …

  • DMM Reveals Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Game:
    Take it! Take all my money! I’m so happy~ :D

  • Water Bottle Pantsu “Next Generation” Perversion:
    As if I’ve ever come close to women’s clothing in my entire life… Thanks for the optimism.

  • Water Bottle Pantsu “Next Generation” Perversion:
    There is a device that prevents condensation from damaging/drenching tables. It’s called a coaster (where I’m from anyway, not sure about the rest of the world). I think they’ve officially been around for about 135 years now.


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