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Agreed! I couldn’t care less about her personal life. That’s her own damn business! Fact is: She’s an amazing seiyuu! I still have my hopes up for Haruhi S3. ^-^

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  • Water Bottle Pantsu “Next Generation” Perversion:
    As if I’ve ever come close to women’s clothing in my entire life… Thanks for the optimism.

  • Water Bottle Pantsu “Next Generation” Perversion:
    There is a device that prevents condensation from damaging/drenching tables. It’s called a coaster (where I’m from anyway, not sure about the rest of the world). I think they’ve officially been around for about 135 years now.

  • Water Bottle Pantsu “Next Generation” Perversion:
    It’s kind of crazy how much I want these. So glad this exists. Thanks Japan.

  • Gurren Lagann Art Works Released:
    Is TTGL seriously considered a “niche” show? And not a classic!? I feel like I’m being trolled a bit right now but I guess that might be because I’ve known about and loved this series for so long. I just assumed it was a staple classic anime. I’ve never talked to an anime fan that hasn’t seen it. Personally I put this above EVA or Cowboy Bebop but those are both great anime as well. I just love the over-the-top hype this show brings me.

  • Top 25 Anime With Superior Second Seasons:
    Endless Eight could have been explained in one episode if they wanted. It was only a single chapter in the original light novels and I found that chapter to be fantastic. I’m a huge Haruhi fan but the second season was a cop-out and a joke. First season and movie are much better.


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