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needs to be ANALized

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  • Imouto ga Iru Fully Nipplified:
    How the hell is One Piece art ‘generic’? It looks pretty different to anything I’ve ever seen and you know what it is as soon as you see it, whether you like it or not. This art just looks like it could belong to any shitty show like it.

  • Imouto ga Iru Fully Nipplified:
    so… actually we already see them naked. just, we missing the crucial part. their nipple.. oh invisible ninja

  • Imouto ga Iru Fully Nipplified:
    No. Generic is: Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Toriko, Sword art online, and others

  • Imouto ga Iru Fully Nipplified:
    can someone please asnwer my question Is the voice actress that did female Ranma the same as the one that did Sakura Ichiko from bimbougami?

  • Imouto ga Iru Fully Nipplified:
    No, it’s not generic at all. Art from the usual Shounen/Shoujo series is the epitome of generic.

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    actually no PS3 games are region locked :)

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    @16:36 – I think I must have misunderstood your comment actually. I thought you were agreeing with the guy you were replying to, that it looks like a “brothel”. I as more replying to that anon rather than you. Man, this is SanCom, a crazy place that doesn’t even have a proper replying system, lol… you just can’t take things so seriously/personally around here. But I am tired of people who complain, like if there’s a show with sexy girls they say “oh look strippers, sex sells, this is stupid” …

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    You’re just seeing what you want to see…

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    What sold me on the game was the first trailer where Noctis is eating with that old guy and he makes that face. It’s just such a weird, almost movie-quality scene that you’d never expect from an FF game which usually has overly melodramatic, unrealistic, and silly cutscenes (not because of their content but because of how the characters act and speak). Just because it’s a fantasy game doesn’t mean characters have to act so unrealistically.


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