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needs to be ANALized

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  • Imouto ga Iru Fully Nipplified:
    How the hell is One Piece art ‘generic’? It looks pretty different to anything I’ve ever seen and you know what it is as soon as you see it, whether you like it or not. This art just looks like it could belong to any shitty show like it.

  • Imouto ga Iru Fully Nipplified:
    so… actually we already see them naked. just, we missing the crucial part. their nipple.. oh invisible ninja

  • Imouto ga Iru Fully Nipplified:
    No. Generic is: Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Toriko, Sword art online, and others

  • Imouto ga Iru Fully Nipplified:
    can someone please asnwer my question Is the voice actress that did female Ranma the same as the one that did Sakura Ichiko from bimbougami?

  • Imouto ga Iru Fully Nipplified:
    No, it’s not generic at all. Art from the usual Shounen/Shoujo series is the epitome of generic.

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    a hot one. 10 out of 10 would bang.

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    This girl knows what’s up. At least I hope you’re a girl with that song selection.

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    Agreed if by no-no you mean yes-yes. Put a bag over it if it bothers you, and turn it around.

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    Wow do you really pick and choose what history to believe and reject. Augustine in the early 400s articulated the Catholic views on the problem regarding predatory priests. Pope Innocent III (1160-1216) helped cover it up by saying: “Nothing more is accomplished by a good priest and nothing less by a wicked priest, because it is accomplished by the word of the Creator and not the merit of the priest. Thus the wickedness of the priest does not nullify the effect of the sacrament, just as the …

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    Stop acting like kids. Oh wait, I forgot we’re on in the kindergarten called the Internet. Never mind, play on.


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