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And the bastardization of homo sapiens is a bad thing because…

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  • Japan “NTR Nation”:
    Sadly, I’ve forgotten the name. But I recall someone on this site saying that story was about how the 2 guys in the picture wanted the girl since high school. The guy sitting on the floor had the better grades and more promising future, so the girl married him. However, the other guy then got serious, got his life together, and took her away from the other guy in the sense that even though she stayed married to the guy on the floor, she bore the other guy’s child. And the guy on the floor was …

  • Japan “NTR Nation”:
    You’re the first person I’ve heard say that. I was wondering when someone else would deduce that.

  • Japan “NTR Nation”:
    So I guess this means that a lot of those women working the hostess bars & advertising themselves on the dating sites are actually screwing each other’s husbands unbeknownst to many of them. I can just see this actually playing out: Husband: I’ll be home late because the supervisor expects me to help treat our latest client to a good time at a bar. Wife: It’s okay, I’ll be working late too at my “catering” job. Later that night at one of the downtown “hostess” bars… Husband: Well Mr. …

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    How can people tolerate or even like NTR? 1. Sex is one of those things that will always intrigue & fascinate all people in any of it’s forms. 2. There are both men & women who get a kick out of getting their hands on other people’s things whether that thing is an object or a person.

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    This Sakuya looked like she didn’t need any of those.

  • Dog Days 3 Recounts the Past:
    Pick an answer: 1. You kind of get the feeling everyone’s too busy working or [play] fighting too much to make babies. 2. The story writers haven’t thought that deeply about the setting. 3. Most of the population are kemonomimi or kami of one kind or another with mating/reproduction cycles or tendencies that keep the birth/death ratio at a rate that doesn’t outstrip any given population’s ability to provide for itself from the environment it exists in. 4. Flonyardian males exist between the …

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    So this is mana from heaven is it?

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