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You have a point, but think through this more….marriage is a way to keep families together. Sure you don’t need some piece of paper to proclaim your love, but Marriage is a binding vow. Swearing to a life long commitment with your partner. It’s a reminder of that vow. Any two couples can be in love. But words only go so far. Each partner will later on probably want insurance that they love them and only them. And like all human beings, its a psychological thing. There will always be uneasiness and worry. Also when a couple has kids its, there is moral obligation for you and your spouse to do what’s best for the kids. Without marriage I think it makes it easier for someone to cheat on their spouse and later come up with excuses for their cheating. Marriage is a reminder of the life long commitment towards family. Having a family and taking care of them is a lot of stress and even the best of people will maybe for a second or two think to run away from their family. I don’t mind free love, but the idea of riding a life long commitment towards your partner on just words alone doesn’t say much in today’s society. Marriage is also reassurance to yourself that you are ready for that life long relationship. The people who can have life long relationship with one partner and not need to use the setup of marriage are really unique. Most people aren’t that strong and need that symbol.

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  • Naruto Ends November – “Finally!”:
    I don’t see how its going to end where the manga is right now. Oh well.

  • JS Loli Idol Group Bans Fan “For Touching”:
    Things like this outrage me. To think that events like these exist but police and law makers do nothing against these but attack anime and manga. This is outrageous to me. Why must anime and manga be attacked and let these events which are almost exactly like criminal rings to go unattended for? There is no justice.

  • Sword Art Online 2 Quite Crazed:
    That climax nad resolution was butchered slightly. Oh well what can ya do.

  • Top 10 Mahou Shoujo Anime, According to Women:
    I wonder how many people here have seen everything on this list. This is a classy list. Most of the stuff on here is nice classic stuff from the 80′s. I’ve seen everything on this list and well, I like it. Hana no Ko Lunlun. That’s great to see that on there.

  • Sword Art Online 2: “Nonstop Action”:
    I’m waiting for Log Horizon. Better than this. Phantom Bullet was a bit of a dissapointment. The thing that will amuseme the most is if they have a special episode where it shows Sinon joining ALO as a cat girl.


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