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It’s strange that their fertility rate is even lower then some of the 1st world nations in the west.

Not to mention western families are actually dragging themselves back together while japanese are on at best stagnation or downward spiral just like their shit economy.

Who would really want those monkey-child faced people anyway? Their women are all flocking to foreigners to get married. I know plenty of japanese girls here, many of them decent looking, and they are all going out with non-japanese people, with increasing number of koreans and chinese taking them as well as whites, blacks and mexicans. Being fucked to pieces no doubt.

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  • Japan “NTR Nation”:
    To hear your story and that of the women that you have spoken to, I can’t even really pass judgement on you at all. It’s really damn sad to think about. I wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to stop doing what you are doing either. It’s something that you obviously get to take advantage of. I really wish you would wear a rubber though, but that is also your own choice! Take care.

  • Japan “NTR Nation”:
    14.8% is actually a pretty low number in my opinion, Even if the figure is actually closer to 20% then thats ONLY 1 in 5 women! Japanese women arn’t too shabby when you think about it.

  • Japan “NTR Nation”:
    Since when was 14.8% a huge number? The flip side of that number is that 85.2% of Japanese housewives claim they have never had an affair. Keep in mind when reading the above article that all of the referenced statistics are a subset of the 14.8% of women who admitted to cheating in the survey.

  • Japan “NTR Nation”:
    Finally someone with some sense.

  • Japan “NTR Nation”:
    >2ch is apparently full of experts on the topic as well Nice one, I lol’d hard :D

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