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I’m in favor of this, this has to resolve without ended up Divorce because of Broken Marriage, but the last part is another issue.

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  • Japan “NTR Nation”:
    Spritual Adviser, I’m referring to either a friend, religious organization or a Priest/Buddhist Monk/Pastor.

  • Japan “NTR Nation”:
    not all men are unfaithful, unless they had issues related to broken family, they need a SPIRITUAL ADVISER

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    too bad, if theres an asian tour, PHILIPPINES is not included.

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    “LET IT GO!!!!!!!!”

  • Top 20 Spring Anime You’re Watching For the Plot:
    One Week Friends is obviously good storyline, even the heroine’s amnesia started to recover by time to time, and I don’t see any romance, just only Slice of Life. I’ve been expecting more on 2nd season of Love Live!, and all about the return of the comeback of 9 heroines regaining the title as the #1 School Idol in the country and defeating A-Rise is their ultimate CHALLENGE before graduation. And also, I’ve been expecting the same Date A Live in the new season, but ended up, more ecchiness, …

  • China “Arrests 20 Fujoshi Over BL”:
    YAOI & YURI are part of some SAME SEX RELATIONSHIP, EWWWWW to all, LGBT will live if they’re reveal that they’re gay or lesbian, but having same sex relationship is another issue anymore. Every women have different genre, but putting it in the real world will be an another issue.

  • Pink Pineapple Oppai Mousepad “Most Realistic Ever”:
    I hope there’s a sound recorder inside when touching boobs….


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