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Nothing beats tentacles.

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  • “Former Seiyuu” Aya Hirano Lands First Leading Role:
    She was the voice of Weekend in Witch Craft Works. And she did a pretty darn good job in the role. I could hardly tell it was her without looking up the voice list. Just goes to show the variety of roles she can perform now that she’s free from the shackles of moeshit.

  • FF14 “Failed Because Our Flowerpots Were Too Beautiful”:
    SO they’re saying that, in hindsight, FF14′s original launch went poorly due to mismanagement, improper focus, and too much groupthink during development. That makes sense. Hope that the relaunch goes well for them.

  • China Smog “Like Nuclear Winter”:
    @Char Yeah, accidents happen I’m afraid. I haven’t been following up on the investigation of the whole thing. Are the investigation results out yet? Or is it still on-going?

  • China Smog “Like Nuclear Winter”:
    @Anon 16:35 Way to be anti-GM cultist. There is no grands conspiracy. Do the GM companies charge for their seeds in order to make a profit? Of course they do, they wanna make money. Does it have anything to do with the regulatory bodies and the legislation in place to monitor the practice? Absolutely zilch. If any crop that was not supposed to have the gene is suddenly found to have the gene, then it sparks off an investigation because the stuff is supposed to be controlled. If the farmer is …

  • China Smog “Like Nuclear Winter”:
    There are checks in place meant to prevent such accidents from occurring. And in the unlikely event a strain gets out, its very quickly dealt with. Contrary to what the anti-GM cults would like you to believe, there is no conspiracy to ‘spread’ GM genes onto non-GM crops. Its actually the opposite. Farmers who use GM crops have to follow extremely strict guidelines to prevent the genes from GM crops getting out. The GM companies themselves have to guarantee that. If they fail to do so, a …


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