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Your Barbie doll??

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  • Sonic Mania “Highest Rated Sonic Game in 15 Years”:
    Sonic is a tired idea and I always thought it was a flawed game (no reaction time because of 4:3 screen proportion and sonic being smack in the middle of the screen when running meant you had to memorize the game or go very slowly; HUGE design flaw!!), but hey, many people liked it and that’s ALL that matters. If a return to basics is what it was needed to revivify the franchise, then welcome back, Sonic.

  • Live Action Naruto Film “Being Rewritten”:
    Someone kill Jon and Erich Hoeber so that those fucking assholes don’t make the movie.

  • Lewd Yuudachi Cosplay Far From Bashful:
    Too damn old. If i wanted to fap to a granny I’d watch dora the explorer.

  • Lewd Yuudachi Cosplay Far From Bashful:
    And yet your assertions do not change the fact that Sancom has censored uncensored galleries in the (very recent, ie: this past week) past, which is why it’s surprising that they have apparently abandoned this policy.

  • Lewd Yuudachi Cosplay Far From Bashful:
    You asshole!!! that is a REAL PUSSY!!! no wonder if you’re virgin!!!


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