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like every other japanese woman; a hairy mess

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  • Sultry Lingerie Gallery:
    Funny, cause I came here to say that I’m disappointed that western chicks don’t seem to like them. Skimpy black lacey ones are okay, but the cotton white girl-next-door stuff is where it’s at. Makes me think less of dressing up for a special occasion and more being naughty when she wasn’t expecting it.

  • Mikan Yuuki Luscious Lingerie Figure:
    Are there any ero full nude figures (with pussy?) from of Mikan or Nemesis or other tlr girl?

  • Keijo Unlimited Butt Works:
    >Unlimited Butt Works They sure do!

  • Saki Live Action Film Promisingly Faithful:
    Why no one ever mentioned that Suga Kyotaro, the sixth member of Kiyosumi Mahjong Club, is not exist in this shit. That one should be enough to make a conclusion that it’s unfaithful.

  • Top 10 Most Charming Anime Witches:
    Indeed, Blair says it herself: “I’m not a witch, just a kitty with strong magical power.”


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