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OMG its a monster!!!!

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  • Charming Yui Cosplay Highly Stylish:
    I’m surprised you never seen celebrities before, of course it is makeup silly, that is the magic behind show biz. :p

  • Top 10 Anime Characters – NewType, November 2015:
    That fan arts is probably from some blog or relevant sites that celebrates the number of visitors that hit their sites. Hey, don’t go getting lewd ideas from interpreting a picture and yet accuse Japan of being weird. Please keep in mind that weird cultures don’t seek people out, it’s the other way around. :/

  • Top 10 Anime Characters – NewType, November 2015:
    For over 30 years the Scooby gang looked for monsters and ghosts and it never occurred to them that it would ALWAYS be a guy in a costume. For years Sankcom readers have been looking at lists and it never occurs to them that they will ALWAYS be shit.

  • RPG Maker MV Video Series Teaches The Ropes:
    They basically paid YANFLY who’s an RPG Maker modder big money to use her engine in their next release. Original /sarcasm

  • RPG Maker MV Video Series Teaches The Ropes:
    Unity 5. It’s free, 3D and rivals the engines of AAA games. The UI is a litte less drag-and-drop than RPG Maker but both these engines require extensive coding skills to make a commercial game anyway; the difference in learning curve there is none. Pls ppl.


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