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  • Cross Ange Moe Maid Service Anime:
    I’m actually legitimately enjoying this show. It started off with an interesting premise that I haven’t seen since Saga Frontier 2, and there’s a decent setup for action scenes, exploitation scenes, and even a balance of likable and unlikable characters — if not a bit cliched, but that’s pretty much every anime. If there’s an uncensored BD release later, then even better!

  • Queen’s Blade: Vanquished Queens Highly Abusive:
    It took me surprisingly long to find info about this. It’s like ONE English-speaking person gave out some vague info about this and everyone else just copied what they said without giving any kind of real confirmation or info. OVA1: OVA2: OVA3: OVA4: The stock for the first two books seems to be dwindling at some online …

  • Queen’s Blade: Vanquished Queens Highly Abusive:
    Hey Sancom/Rift, this should be the fourth one. First was Tomoe, then Airi and Leina.

  • Sabagebu Heavily Comedic:
    Wow, even though I watch the show, this series of screenshots is erratic as hell – fatties, chubby chasers, orgasms, fanservice, a platypus, and random violence. It’s the kind of stuff that some average person would post on another site with a title like “Haha! Japan is so weird!” in an attempt to get more of their internet points. That said, looking forward to watching this later.

  • Yariman Gakuen Senior Service Ero-Anime:
    Top quality Sancom post, A+++ animated GIFs, would click again. No but really, I think Sancom keeps me up to date on good hentai faster than my RSS feed. And actually, I’ve discovered some irresistible figurines from these ads… no joke. New 1/6 Sei Shoujo model? Yes, please!


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