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That is amazing! How did they remove the pixels?

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  • Top 10 Anime With The Worst Dressed Characters:
    Sankaku’s trolling. The actual ranking was “Anime with bad casual wear.” Ones where their suited up or uniformed look is so iconic or engrained, they look odd lounging around in their off hours. So of course Sankaku changed everything, hunted down fanart and pinups where they look good, and turned it into “controversial” clickbait. Some still wearing their uniforms and exercise clothes. Only the Dragon Ball one follows the criteria so it looks out of place.

  • Tite Kubo: “You Can’t Tell All These Moeblobs Apart At All!”:
    Bleach has always been derivative from the get-go. The ruffian -> ghost police with girl reaper partner premise is from Yu Yu Hakusho, Orihime and her brother are from Ushio and Tora, and so on. Then it got worse and started copying itself. Two guys from another world nab a girl, Ichigo trains and gets a team to rescue her. Everything that plays out, like forbidden techniques that cost the user’s powers, are recycled. Using truckloads of bland, cloned bishounen. Instead of having fight …


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