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nobita in a 30 years later!?… LOL XD

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  • Bikini Warriors OVA “Unspeakably Naughty!”:

  • Keijo Unlimited Butt Works:
    However, since she is using ‘fakes’, it works like UBW, while looking like GoB. So kinda correct, too.

  • Street Fighter V Christmas DLC Merry Indeed:
    Look out, we’ve got a badass over here. I retired from teh military with a paygrade of 0-8, which is 2-star general, not to mention was a SEAL, Delta and when in a actual line unit, could bench press all of my squads rucksacks, packed with 75lbs of gear while they were hanging hanging off of a HMMV axil. I have more confirmed kills than you have sperm count, so 400.

  • Purple Heart Figure Disturbingly Sexualised:
    “That’s due to the fact that even thinking of a female sexually = literally Hitler.” But don’t forget, not finding every single woman attractive just because they’re a woman (or a man who presents as a woman) ALSO makes you literally Hitler. Feminism: Damned if you don’t, life completely sent down the shitter if you do.

  • Keijo Unlimited Butt Works:
    Feminism has never really been a good thing. If you knew their actual history, not their winner version of history, you’d know almost everything they blame the boogeym- I mean patriarchy for now, they (or their predecessors in the the suffragettes) caused and what they didn’t, they were guilty of equal or worse towards men.


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