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I give credit to that Upotte! Cosplayer for her accuracy in cosplay …. DAT ASS!!!!

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  • Top 10 Anime Characters You’d Die Rather Than Marry:
    Would never marry Haruhi. Ever. Yui is ok. Not ideal, but definitely an option. Mugi or Azunyan would make better wife material.

  • Live Action Gintama Net Series PV “Bizarrely Faithful”:
    can this people let anime be anime >>

  • Top 10 Anime Characters You’d Die Rather Than Marry:
    Yui I can see because she’s depicted as being so dependent on others. She has her moments, but most of the time, she does come across as just a big child. Personally, I’d rather marry the younger Hirasawa if I had to choose a Hirasawa to marry. (Otherwise, I’d be aiming for Mio or Mugi.) Haruhi has… Problems. The main on being that she can literal make the current US epidemic of “alternative facts” come true if she truly believes anything. Again, she has her moments, but she’s too self …

  • Live Action Gintama Net Series PV “Bizarrely Faithful”:
    I tried to watch some of those live action adaptations of anime but could finish them because of cringe.

  • Top 10 Anime Guys Who’d Make the Best Fathers:
    Considering Subaru’s antics in the series, he’d make a horrible dad. He did some pretty dumb/stupid shit because he’s a selfish bastard. The best character-as-parent would wind up being Rem. While everyone has issues in the series, Rem is the least fucked up by the looks of it. (Going by the anime depiction; no clue about the LN.) Kirito’s a “Marty Stu”-class character, so being a “good dad” would happen by definition. Shit, just look at the KiriAsuYui dynamic: He IS made out to be a good dad, …


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