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Did you actually watch this series, or…. are you judging this based on some screenshots?

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  • Isuca = “Guro + Ero”:
    I was referring to Anon 1:41 as the lame one as he’s the one showing up to say something cringeworthy or lame when an anime with guro is featured, not guro anime/manga/any thing else in general. Whatever floats anyone’s boat as they say, I don’t mind.

  • The Menagerie Trailer Anything But Dry:
    Damn, movies priced at $15? It’s only $3 in my country and even IMAX prices are cheap at $7. What’s more is that we can bring in food from the outside.

  • Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Sexier Still:
    Really man, I came here to see the Gif from Opening of this Anime. I thought the high contrast slow-motion shots of cleavage and ass would be good Sankakucomplex material. *sigh.

  • KittenPhilia – “Nonstop Nekomimi Service!”:
    *snort* if you seriously base it off Steam, you are pretty retarded.

  • Sudsy Sonico Cosplay by Sotsu Kaikin:
    Not the greatest face but very sexy body! Bookmarking this collection for some fap time later~ her feet and ass make me hard! :3


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