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Thats hot.

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  • Overlord Locked in Bitter Combat:
    oh japan, so disturbing. but never change pls. haha

  • Charming Kongo Figure:
    lol…child porn. considering shes a personification of a 1912 Battlecruiser, which if you were to actually figure out the ages of the other “girls”, she was one of the OLDEST. So…it would be like banging your great-great grandmother of whom had a body and face of young adult.

  • Saber’s Legendary Excalibur Masterfully Forged:
    Its iffy, Transformers is both American and Japanese, but after G1, Hasbro fell off the transformers train while Takara continued highly popular TF cartoons in Japan. Contrary to popular belief, beast wars was Hasbro’s attempt at a non-JP produced TF series and it was pretty bad like the bay films. Thats why shortly after, Hasbro imported TF Armada and beyond, because those actually did well.

  • Non Non Biyori Repeat Real Life Locations Truly Tranquil:
    either that scooter is perma there or someone brought one. either way, cannot unsee.

  • Hidan no Aria AA PV Makes Its Mark:
    all i remember from this series is…. HA! HA! HA!


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