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It says 未来ノスタルジア, which is incidentally the title of the game. I could’ve sworn I posted this before, but apparently my comment disappeared in the eather.

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    Being a straight male doesn’t preclude you from watching and enjoying other things than moeblob, especially since we don’t even now whether it’ll be Yaoi or not. Seeing how KyoAni’s usual fare has predominantly female casts, but isn’t Yuri, chances are Free! won’t be Yaoi anyway.

  • Parents Must Pay $200,000 After Son Kicks Ball Into Street:
    Not really. I don’t know about Japan, but where I live, the responsibility to watch over the child transfers from the parents to the school as soon as the child enters the school grounds. Until the child safely reaches home on a reasonably direct route, the school has the obligation to take care of the child. You can’t exactly blame the parents for negligence if they entrusted the child with properly trained caretakers – which teachers should be by definition.


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