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Nope. Not even close.
First, it was an original character by Huke (Steins;Gate character designs are also his work), with some blurry backstory. A long time before Hatsune Miku was around.
Then there was Ryo, a Vocaloid producer, who liked B*RS so much that he have written a song about her. And since all his songs were insanely popular, this was another hit.
Then, a young animation company Ordet made an OVA (it was their first 100% own project), and then one short season (8 episodes) of TV anime (both were good, especially TV). Between tnese two, there were a game, which were boring and ruined the original concept of B*RS, biggest fail.
Also, there are lots of manga, two more games, also, as I remember, she have a cameo in some nendoroid-based RPG for PSP.

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