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Holy shieeet!!!

Could be made even better if you could actually rip her arm off, spewing pink blood everywhere.

And spare your arguments about the quality of the BRS anime series and OVA. If one thing is certain, it’s that BRS is one the most badass character designs in recent history. Fact.

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  • Rolling Girls Rolls It Down a Notch:
    I’m really enjoying this anime so far. It’s just the right amount of ridiculous – not as in-your-face ludicrous as Kill la Kill. This anime is oozing with style and interesting characters and so far seems to be pretty well put together. I hope it keeps up with this consistency.

  • Seductive Selvaria Figure:
    What a coincidence! I just finished watching Valkyria Chronicles today! That was…. a really great series. I was actually quite surprised by it.

  • Idolmaster Cinderella Girls “The Most Elegant Thus Far”:
    i’m only in it for Rin Shibuya. Here’s hoping the anime actually does her some justice (haven’t watched it yet)

  • Maki Mizugi Figure:
    Not really a Maki fan…. or Love Live for that matter… but damn that is one fine looking figure!

  • Lenfried Extreme: “She Bares All At Last!”:
    From her older pictures, it was hard to tell if she actually possessed and form of genitals. I guess now we have an answer!


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