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everybody though that, the ova sucked balls

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  • Hollywood’s All You Need Is Kill “May Not Be Bad”:
    Are you talking about Oblivion? That movie was terrible.

  • Lady Gaga: “Hatsune Miku Will Open For Me”:
    Well this a good and bad situation on 1 end Miku will become more popular and noticed now for the bad side lady gaga sucks.. badly i hate her music and i hope to god everything works perfect technically for miku cuz this could be the turning point.. i hope crypton,sega know what there doing >.<

  • Lady Gaga: “Hatsune Miku Will Open For Me”:
    OMG gaga and miku? Poor miku…

  • Top 15 Spring 2014 Anime Premiers:
    Moe is boring to me if the slice of life sections are not good. It used to be these shows had elements pushing them forward but now they all use the same formula and something is lost. It’s not moe that a lot of people don’t like (look how beloved Azumanga Daioh, Non Non Biyori, and others are) it’s what most moe has become NOW they don’t like. Hence the term moeshit- the worst moe has to offer.

  • Top 15 Spring 2014 Anime Premiers:
    Try No Game No Life. It sounds dumb and moeshit full of fanservice but it’s really not, it kind of feels like a Kaiji-esque vibe.


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