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“You people bring up Chinese and Koreans for something like this, but it happens all the time here too so what are you on about?” and “Japanese are pretty uncouth as well.”

When I see things like this, it gives me a spiders thread of hope that 2ch isn’t 100% racist, hypocritical whiny ass motherfuckers behind a monitor in the safety of their room.

“What, did you people somehow think otaku were better than other people?”

This one gets me thinking, are Japanese otaku’s generally racist or nationalistic? Or is it just a 2ch thing? Considering past events of otaku’s jumping the bandwagon for nationalistic support it does pique my curiosity. Like do we apply the same view as say weeaboo or japanohphile who has to hate everything that isn’t Japanese?

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  • Jessica Nigri Voices Super Sonico’s English Dub:
    I know nothing about this person, but it’s amusing to see people argue about her outward appearance and boob job, as if you can hear them through her voice acting.

  • Jessica Nigri Voices Super Sonico’s English Dub:
    Don’t worry, rabid radfems will probably force a boycott before it gets anywhere near Western shores.

  • Jessica Nigri Voices Super Sonico’s English Dub:
    Boob jobs aren’t that surprising. Women’s magazines apparently argue that they’re equivalent to getting a new handbag. Fucked up comparison, but whatever.

  • Jessica Nigri Voices Super Sonico’s English Dub:
    Sonico the Hedgehog. I’d play that.

  • Pokken Tournament Reveals New Combatants:
    Saw this on the live stream. The Westerners commenting there were really upset about getting their first look at human females in reality. I don’t care about Pokemon, and yet this game looks more interesting than any other recent fighter I’ve seen or played. This is probably what Japan is capable of when they try to do something a little differently, instead of rehashing old crap or trying to be the next Call of Duty. The far/close range phase shift mechanic looks great. Nice, appealing visuals …


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