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Don’t speak as if you know what you’re talking about. If you’ve ever been to Japan (which based on your based, I guarantee you have not), Japan is truly an immaculate country. Garbage cans are not at every street corner like in most Western countries, yet somehow, the streets are kept litter free. Why is that? Well, it is simply based upon their culture. Now your argument that the more people you have, the more likely you’ll find an idiot (or idiots). That is true, but with a country that has a lot more people than you can imagine, condensed in an extremely small area, yet somehow still remains pristine, your argument is no longer valid.

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  • Anal Tail Cosplay Action by Yutori:
    Has anyone really said 3DPD at all around here since… 2012/2013, actually? Maybe times-are-a-changing. Or maybe most ppl are new here and don’t remember those days. I seriously thought that was just mindless hive-taught, like what happens on most internet communities. Right now the hive-thoughts around here are fujoshi-bashing and homophobia.

  • Grisaia no Kajitsu BD Feverishly Hot:
    @13:04 – You assume that it was different before you, and that things were crazier during your time, thus things should be even crazier now. Do you think there’d be an end to that? You think there’s gonna be a 6 year old epidemic some day? Aprox 16 year old being sexually active, yeah, that’s been happening since as long as humans have been around. 12 year old? Yeah that’s always happened too, but it’s always been rare and it’s actually the result of something being seriously wrong. The more …

  • Sniper Sinon Figure:

  • Grisaia no Kajitsu BD Feverishly Hot:
    But they don’t have the balls to show how it’d really happen and how fucked up it’d be. I mean, she’s 12 and she’s acting like a 20 year old who has a lot of past sexual experience…

  • Grisaia no Kajitsu BD Feverishly Hot:
    It’s always automatically rape if someone that young is involved.


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