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Well, I’m glad at least some of the comments aren’t so blatantly racist. There are trashy people EVERYWHERE, no matter where you live. Even with 300k people there, all it takes is like 100 bad apples to do the fairly limited amount of damage shown.

If anything, it’s the fault of the organizers for not hiring more people to clean up. All you really would’ve needed is a handful of people to go around picking up trash and emptying the bins.

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  • Cross Ange Moe Maid Service Anime:
    I’m actually legitimately enjoying this show. It started off with an interesting premise that I haven’t seen since Saga Frontier 2, and there’s a decent setup for action scenes, exploitation scenes, and even a balance of likable and unlikable characters — if not a bit cliched, but that’s pretty much every anime. If there’s an uncensored BD release later, then even better!

  • Queen’s Blade: Vanquished Queens Highly Abusive:
    It took me surprisingly long to find info about this. It’s like ONE English-speaking person gave out some vague info about this and everyone else just copied what they said without giving any kind of real confirmation or info. OVA1: OVA2: OVA3: OVA4: The stock for the first two books seems to be dwindling at some online …

  • Queen’s Blade: Vanquished Queens Highly Abusive:
    Hey Sancom/Rift, this should be the fourth one. First was Tomoe, then Airi and Leina.

  • Sabagebu Heavily Comedic:
    Wow, even though I watch the show, this series of screenshots is erratic as hell – fatties, chubby chasers, orgasms, fanservice, a platypus, and random violence. It’s the kind of stuff that some average person would post on another site with a title like “Haha! Japan is so weird!” in an attempt to get more of their internet points. That said, looking forward to watching this later.

  • Yariman Gakuen Senior Service Ero-Anime:
    Top quality Sancom post, A+++ animated GIFs, would click again. No but really, I think Sancom keeps me up to date on good hentai faster than my RSS feed. And actually, I’ve discovered some irresistible figurines from these ads… no joke. New 1/6 Sei Shoujo model? Yes, please!


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