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well if they are gonna show themselves half naked they should at least look half decent. and it’s the same rule for guys and girls.

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  • Comiket 83 Day 1 Cosplay Cool As Ever:
    and even if they don’t like it, the cosplayers are less and less attractive each year, i remember how beautiful some cosplayer girls from previous years were, so i keep looking, but now it’s depressing.

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  • Triage X Ravaged by Censors:
    hope it’s good, because from this preview, I would have preferred ten times more HSOD over this.

  • Hibike Euphonium Real World Locations “100% Accurate”:
    so goodbye background artists, hello photoshop tracers? using real world locations is not new, but they used photos as reference to create the background art, but this time they look traced, they lack those perspective tricks artists use to get things right, and instead you see those optical distortions only obtained through photographs.

  • Nitroplus Blasterz Opening Cinematic Revealed:
    ohh! a game I actually would like to play, the sprites are grate, and the action looks top notch.

  • Godly Ryuko Figure:
    My wallet emits no danger alert, guess something didn’t work for me with this figure.

  • Arslan Senki Quite Fantastic:
    I am a great fan of fantasy series, anime and non anime, but lately anime hasn’t done too well for me. I dislike a the design of series like this where everything looks kind of chinese influenced, even when in most cases the things with this influence have not really any relation to chinese culture to make the influence a valid one.


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