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i know…i was like…isent it cold out there?!

also that snow miku… XD

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  • Yohjo Simulator Removed From Steam:
    lol first off, im no weeb, i was born and grew up in Japan. If you have to link to a video or site, atleast make it an academic source and not just random Q&A site anyone can edit or say. In the my hometown, all the elderly folk say youjo to refer to any school aged girl. And I say archaic because barely anyone uses it [other than elderly folk] in lieu of more generalized/PC forms such as X-才の女の子 or the level of school one goes to. Go watch Japanese news or read the newspaper, no one uses …

  • Kedamono-tachi no Sumu Still Devilish:
    i wished the dinner table part happened, otherwise it was a pretty good adaptation. Havent seen this much ‘Give it to me'”willingly” since… Rin x Sen + Ran-Sem Cross Mix? reminds me of Anna.

  • Yohjo Simulator Removed From Steam:
    youjo is a pretty archaic form thats rarely used these days. additionally, you can pretty much call any under 18 girl a youjo if you are an older person, but it has an affectionate quality, and again, archaic.

  • Monmusu BD Sexier Still:
    papi best grill. Dat DFC and loli manko.

  • The 7-Meter Miia Dakimakura Returns:
    Both. haha.


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