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so much for asians being the smartest…. I guess this screwup busts that myth.

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  • Police Kill Anteater:
    If this had happened in the U.S. the police would have tased and/or pepper sprayed it before taking it into custody. If it resisted or seemed to be agitated it would have been shot. A much less cruel fate than freezing to death.

  • Police Kill Anteater:
    procedures… this sad excuse of a country

  • Police Kill Anteater:
    LMFAO what ridiculousness, “OH we not allowed animals, we have procedures” Such bullshit , these type of guys that would kill people if they where told too. Rules and procedures are there , yeah but if in this case its freaking WINTER cold and its an anteater that aint particularly designed for cold. You bring it inside, its not like the space time continuum will explode. If you break one rule about not allowing animals in. What morons, like typically rigid bureaucrats that have no backbone or …

  • Police Kill Anteater:
    Those anteaters look like kawaii. Would fuck if they’re still alive.

  • Police Kill Anteater:
    latin american animal in wrong continent

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  • Amanchu! Climax Most Moist:
    compared to allot of shows lately.. anything short of full on hentai can be considered subtle :D

  • Persona 5’s Caroline & Justine “Too Cute!”:
    Women come in all sizes, would you not want to cuddle with them under a Kotatsu in the winter?

  • Persona 5’s Caroline & Justine “Too Cute!”:
    My dick is going to be 24/7 hard with these twins catering to both my fetishes at the same time, Jesus.

  • Gakuen Handsome PV Sheer Quality:
    It looks like Nichijou’s Yuuko art.

  • Ghost In The Shell Movie “May Not Be Rape”:
    But then we finally got Edge of Tomorrow (manga adaptation) and Pacific Rim (kaiju film way better than either Hollywood Godzillas). It is possible to get it right one day, but it depends on which director gets involved. Its usually the worst directors who get to adapt manga/anime/games for western films, unfortunately. This is why I always first look at the director’s pedigree or lack of one every time I go to see any movie. Best indicator of whither money will be wasted or not, imo.


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