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It’s anteater’s fault for not confessing to the crime sooner.

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  • US Internment Camps “Human Rights Crime of Century”:
    This is pretty much a non issue, except for the ridiculous reactionary comments. The pictures do make the internment camps look like club med. While their confinement was unjust, they did fare much better than other groups did in other countries. The mind set of America was different, which made them believe this kind of confinement was justified. And it’s much harder to differentiate between different types of people of European decent, than whites vs Asians. “You can’t compare POWs to …

  • Shibuya Gyaru Purge “Successful”:
    That must be it. Fads die in ten years, girls don’t suddenly feel intimidated after ten years.

  • Husband Threatened with Divorce for Buying 480 AKB48 CDs:
    This was either a brilliant move by the marketing guys or a sign of the level of stupidity o AKB48’s fans. Buying all those CDs will not significantly benefit the girls in AKB48, but will line the pockets of their managers.

  • Teacher Awarded $225,000 for Stealing $10:


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