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The soldiers knew the risks, and at the same time, they are also required to be given accurate information from our so-called ‘friend’ about the situation, regardless of whether they are going into danger knowingly or not. This is a matter of mutual trust and information sharing.

Military took emergency measures in a very short amount of time, mobilizing vast resources to help out people of japan in this time of need, which made them take much of what japanese government and tepco said at their word, trusting them that they would be putting through truthful information about radiation and level of contamination.

Americans assumed that japan would place the dangers to its citizens as the priority and attempt to at least secretly transmit the right information to their helpers.

Not only did they lie to their own citizens, they lied to US forces about the dangers present. US military would have picked volunteers to go in anyway, and they did have rough estimate of radiation poisoning. They got their boots on the ground anyway, with marines, sailors, emergency fire departments working alongside japanese people in the same place.

The main core of this problem is not really that these sailors are poisoned or not. The main problem is the japanese attitude of being disrespectful to anyone for the sake of saving its own face, shown clearly by lying to their own citizens, their helpers, and anyone else they felt like doing so.

This is really more of an expression of frustration and hatred towards those japanese cowards who thinks their little pride should take priority over basic courtesy of being at least discretely truthful to those they are supposed to protect (citizens) and their allies (Americans) in times of emergency.

Japanese flaws are on full display, and while I do think these sailors should be reprimanded for making themselves look like this, right now japanese are not looking particularly decent in lying to their own citizens and helpers just trying to recover lost face.

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