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yes. dont you know? when something from china breaks we label it as the entirety of china. btw its not just these 8 ppl its also the american rapists, etc.

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    in japan when in doubt blame the gaijin weeaboos.

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    WTF Japan…

  • Sleeping Chinese:
    i could go to your country with a camera with a malicious intent and take photos that make your country look like filth. if you believe my photos then u are being tricked and i win.

  • Sleeping Chinese:
    this is the poor parts of china, just like every country there are poor places. like in the usa the south is pretty dirty

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    lol talk about Korea. such a shame. 70% of Korean girls above age 18 have gotten some sort of plastic surgery. even kpop stars are mostly all fake and many of those kpop idols even admitted they are fake. not to mention many of them cant even sing lol. i find if funny when koreans try to hide this information and even say japan is more fake. clearly korea is the most fake. the Koreans that look like real Koreans are the north Koreans


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