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You don`t play any musical instrument, or sing?

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  • Top 25 Best Anime Movies:
    Clearly you have not experienced how it is to be playing in the band, no matter if you are girl or boy. Having done it helps to understand charms of K-on! much better.

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  • Valiant Saber Cosplay Absolutely Radiant:
    You skeleton lover? That`s sick and perverse.

  • Urara Meirochou Magnificently Moe:
    This is the best anime this winter season!!! Has there ever been better narrator voice in moe anime than Inoue Kikuko? No! She is the greatest, and one of best seiyuu voices too! Character voices in Urara Meirochou are of top class among today`s younger girl seiyuu. And is this not something wonderfully heartwarming Stuff? I am melting away! This kind of anime is perfect to neutralize feelings after tougher stuff like Aoi Exorcist in Kyoto + others.

  • Comiket 91 Day 2 Cosplay Ever Fabulous:
    Is it not Yukari Tamura in pic 78? Very alike anyway.

  • Shuumatsu no Izetta 2D vs 3D Stunningly Similar:
    Anime does not try to say that. The was escalates out from The Alps area, Germania attacking countries taking sides with little alpine country of Eylstadt.

  • Top 10 Most Perverted Anime Leches:
    Two most important hentai heroes are on the list, even 3rd, Moroboshi Ataru deserves a place despite he`s not very successful. 1st character has his ever growing panty collection, and Bulma organizes visits from sexy girls for second one. He has become too old to hunt himself. But why Rito?


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