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You don`t play any musical instrument, or sing?

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  • Top 25 Best Anime Movies:
    Clearly you have not experienced how it is to be playing in the band, no matter if you are girl or boy. Having done it helps to understand charms of K-on! much better.

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  • Iowa Cosplay by Saku All Big Guns:
    Of what? Certainly not of the fact Japanese girls can be very beautiful in many ways!

  • Iowa Cosplay by Saku All Big Guns:
    This cosplayer is Asian, most probably Japanese, character she is doing, Iowa, is American. You are having difficulties to understand there REALLY is attractive Japanese girls? Natutally she wears fake hair, but most of her look is real. You feel almost as stupid as Trump…

  • Comiket 90 Cosplay Festively Phenomenal:
    I think quality of cosplay of C90 is still as high as ever. Not much ecchi pics this time, but costuming and cute girls are good enough for me. Hope Japan stops following in footsteps of ISIS & other religious extremists with that kind of false morality standards though, there has been tendency towards hardening censorship in recent 3-4 years. Japan`s traditional 3D porn industry seem not have been affected, though.

  • Comiket 90 Cosplay Unbelievably Massive:
    Sankaku seem to save most pics of prettier girls to later posts from Comiket 90. Of course there was some cute cosplayers in early posts too! And i appreciate all girls doing cosplay for their work!

  • Comiket 90 Day 2 Cosplay Quite the Sight:
    Pics or we don`t believe you!


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