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Try watching Akira again. It isn’t dated in the slightest, in fact it’s still the best looking anime movie ever made.

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  • Top 25 Best Anime Movies:
    What a truly awful list. The K-On movie was utter dross, as are much of the new films on that list. The works of Miyazaki, Mamoru Oshii, and Satoshi Kon are far ahead of most of these entries.

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  • PS4 Sales = “4.2 Million”, Xbox One = “3 Million”:
    Facts, funnily enough, actually matter. The PS4 is available in 53 markets, while the XO is available in 13. I say this as someone who owns a PS4 and not an XO, but I happen to think that facts, regardless of how inconvenient they may be, matter a lot.

  • PS4 Sales = “4.2 Million”, Xbox One = “3 Million”:
    The previous commenter is right – consoles are pretty much dead in Japan. The 3DS rules Japan for now, with the Vita in a very distant second. Phones gaming of course, is also huge in Japan.

  • PS4 Sales = “4.2 Million”, Xbox One = “3 Million”:
    You know what’s important – context. The PS4 is available in 53 markets, while the XO is available in 13. So please, cut the fanboy BS and stop cherry picking.

  • “What Free! Would Be Like If Haruka Was a Girl”:
    Oh come on, let the girls finally get something targeted at them. Most anime is aimed squarely at 12 year old boys, so it’s about time the tables were turned.

  • Beijing Summer More Glorious Than Ever:
    While this unpleasant and dangerous for those who live there, it’s nothing compared to the threat of population growth, which will then lead to water shortages, food shortages, and energy shortages. Then of course, we end up with runaway climate change too, and large parts of Africa will become totally uninhabitable and essentially one massive desert. Grim times ahead, but don’t worry, by the time it gets REALLY bad, most people reading this will already have died of old age.


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