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Stuffing is a whole other matter ;-)

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  • Counter-Strike Player Sues Valve Over Illegal Gambling:
    Maybe his parents know the law well?

  • King of Fighters XIV Gets Rough:
    They lost me when KOF went 3D. Wasn’t the point of KOF13’s limited roster because they were going with new high res sprites to differentiate and the next year we’d have more characters because the other characters in KOF13 had their sprite work already done? Why did they abandon all that work to look like a cheap SF4 copy??

  • Rance 01: Hikari o Motomete Concludes Brutally:
    I like how this is a super jolly hentai with like maybe one rape not even that and yet You claim the main hero is a rapist in it and that He’s mental even though He’s a generally likeable and stand up guy. He doesn’t make His partners depressed or leave them scarred for life. Rance literally has most of the girls falling for Him, while one girl was raped by Him but She didn’t care afterwards about it.

  • Counter-Strike Player Sues Valve Over Illegal Gambling:
    So wait, in your opinion, if one dislikes something. It’s better to not give feedback and instead just silently go away? Must suck from developers point of view when players start leaving games and no one gives feedback as to why o/

  • Counter-Strike Player Sues Valve Over Illegal Gambling:
    Again, reading :) You can be accused of botting, without actually botting


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