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> as she waited for her parents outside a shop.

Hu? Is that norm in Japan to leave children alone in a street?

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  • AKBnomics: AKB48 CDs “Selling At Less Than 1 Yen Each”:
    Nope. Every creepy AKB48 fan story, with the shots of the piles of the CDs – still reminds of the AOL. (There was a downhill path through patch of forest, separating office district (where I worked) from the shipping district (where we had lunch). When AOL has started closing its European subsidiaries, somebody dumped countless disks on the path. After couple of rains the paper sleeves melted, exposing the disks. Disk were shattered by passers, making the path glitter. Since then, the road was …

  • Behold the Future of Final Fantasy Tactics:
    Big fan of SRPGs in general, but the graphical overload of most of the console ones simply turns me off. Closer to the end, battles simply stall, because one waits too long for the visuals of the attack to go. Needless to mention, all the posh explosion of glam also tires the eyes, what makes playing hard levels a real chore: aching eyes lead to trivial (and as usually, in best traditions of the Japanese games, undoable) mistakes. Sadly, the genre is literally nonexistent on PCs.

  • AKB48′s Minami Minegishi’s Sex Shaving “Shamed Japan”:
    Japan, popularity of AKB48 is more shameful.

  • Ultra HD Anime on Japanese TV “By 2014”:
    Ditto. Had several chances to compare movies in native 1080 v. 720 – and couldn’t see any difference. Unless of course I watched it from a foot distance. SD to 720 is a noticeable quality jump, but IMO 1080 isn’t worth the disk space.

  • Ultra HD Anime on Japanese TV “By 2014”:
    Wow. Moeblobls, now not only ultra boring, but also in ultra resolution! Rewatching now the Black Cat, in SD. Not particularly good anime, but better than most of the current HD stuff. FMP also somehow doesn’t suffer from the lack of the resolution. If they wanted to improve something, then they should think about true 60fps animation. Not the current standard 12fps. Action would gain tremendously from the higher frame rate.


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