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My guess, that would be the phrase ‘Ika Kusai’ (This smells squiddy’. The pun to match ‘Ikamusume’ (Squid-girl)

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  • Cocktail Prince “Alcohol Comes Alive!”:
    @Trigrim All you can do is play the word game by switching words around. You really are the lowest of the low. First of all I claimed that “they constantly claim it’s okay to sexually molest girls and give rapists a break while laughing at rape and idolizing rapists and creepy molesters”. Then you came around and typed “Hating on men, complaining about jokes, saying that they desperate for any woman and would be lucky if they got any woman”. When the fuck did I type any of that stuff. …

  • Romantic Nana Asta Deviluke Figure:
    Too shiny.

  • Cocktail Prince “Alcohol Comes Alive!”:
    @Trigrim Here is a thing about radical feminist. Most radical feminist hate males, but they hate beautiful, successful and attractive females even more. Your practically the same, except in reverse. Where you hate handsome and successful males that gets all the ladies while your left with nothing but to play the nice guy. But the thing is, your really not a nice guy…You have devious intent over your nice guy facade when your around girls. Sure you may talk tough here, but when you see a girl …

  • Top 10 Most Hated Anime & Manga Characters:
    hikaru from kimagure orange road. most irritating char.

  • Top 10 Most Hated Anime & Manga Characters:
    man haruhi is one of my fav haha


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