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The K-ON movie was really good. I clapped at the end of that movie. It was very well done.

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  • Brothel Sex Doll “More Popular Than Real Girls”:
    I’ve seen a video/post on this site years ago about a prostitute in a blowjob brothel in Japan, talking about her life doing blowjobs all day, then going home to her boyfriend and kissing him with the same mouth that sucked some 20 men earlier… So it’s not impossible. Also remember that episode from Game of Thrones where that hooker had cum in her mouth then proceeded to kiss the next customer? Fucking gross… That’s why you don’t kiss prostitutes ffs.

  • Pantimakura Cover – “Otaku Hit A New Low”:
    It’s like granny size panty forcibly fitted on a pillow.

  • Top 10 Best Anime Battles:
    So the female list is like 220% superior to the male one, good going women of Japan, keep beating down those useless beta faggots until they disappear from the human gene-pool for good! Not that they actually need any outside help or motivation, since they are doing such a splendid job of that themselves though. Well, they actually had one good pick on their list, Katanagatari, which placed eight on their list, below shows like fucking kekomono fucking friends and Danmachi… I mean, WTF are …

  • Top 10 Best Anime Battles:
    Top 10 anime betrayals

  • Sin Nanatsu no Taizai BD “Christmas Comes Early”:
    Dude. Your grammar is horrendous.


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