Top Selling BD of 2012 = Gundam UC, Top Movie = K-ON!


The annual Oricon Blu-ray ranking for 2012 has revealed yet another year in which Japan’s Blu-ray sales have been completely dominated by anime – in this case with Gundam UC the best selling BD in Japan of the entire year, matched only by Fate/Zero (which sold fewer but made more money), with K-ON! coming a mere 4th in discs sold but still handily topping the movie BD charts.

Oricon’s sales data include both anime and non-anime, yet somehow end up being dominated in general categories by anime:

Best overall Blu-ray by discs sold:

Mobile Suit Gundam UC BD 5 (124,000)

Best selling BD by total revenue:

Fate/Zero BD Box 1

Best movie Blu-ray by discs sold:

K-ON! The Movie (108,000)


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