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Well,to be fair it’s just a “figure version” from the bedsheet cover bonus from purchasing the PS3 limited to heart 2 DX bought from SofMap. And since it’s a bedsheet cover, same thing with Dakimakuras it’s made to be some sort of “sex object”


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  • Tamaki Kousaka Konotama Ero-Figure:
    This is one that defines (self thought up) “Eternal Figures”. No Matter how much time has past since the original “source”, their popularity just never fades down, and people with money and love will still buy them. Prime examples besides Tama-Nee: -Saber -Rei Ayanami -Hatsune Miku (Potentially)

  • Tamaki Kousaka Konotama Ero-Figure:
    OMG, Do Want, since I already have the “bedsheet” version…

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    Kinda late realizing that huh? and you skipped many “obscure” ones before WUG. lol

  • Taito Shoots For Stardom with Idol Chronicle:
    This is not an anime… >_>

  • Top 20 Girls You’d Want To Sit Next To In Class:
    @Anon 4:36 Having shops displaying love live merch is not a good measurement, it just means that Love Live is trending. Try telling that to me in another 5 years. Maybe things will change, but as anon 3.31 said Im@s characters are more recognizable than other Idol franchises, that’s more than enough to show who’s more popular. Facts only from the list -There are 5 Im@s characters. There are 3 LL characters. -4 of the Im@s Characters are in the top ten -Total Votes for Im@s characters 1511 …

  • Top 20 Girls You’d Want To Sit Next To In Class:
    You forgot that Idolmaster is a BIG franchise spanning for more than 9 Years. And Love Live more popular? LOL Does it have a movie? No Does it have a game on major console? No Love Live has been going on for only 4 Years, their popularity right now can’t compare to Im@s’s 9 years. Don’t get me wrong though, I love LL too, but saying that it’s more popular than Im@s is simply ignorant.

  • Natsuiro High School “Open World Voyeur Simulator”:
    That pun was unintended…. lol


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