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OMG, Do Want, since I already have the “bedsheet” version…

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  • Tamaki Kousaka Konotama Ero-Figure:
    This is one that defines (self thought up) “Eternal Figures”. No Matter how much time has past since the original “source”, their popularity just never fades down, and people with money and love will still buy them. Prime examples besides Tama-Nee: -Saber -Rei Ayanami -Hatsune Miku (Potentially)

  • Tamaki Kousaka Konotama Ero-Figure:
    Well,to be fair it’s just a “figure version” from the bedsheet cover bonus from purchasing the PS3 limited to heart 2 DX bought from SofMap. And since it’s a bedsheet cover, same thing with Dakimakuras it’s made to be some sort of “sex object” Mine:

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    It’s That hard. Just reverse it, if it;s that easy to churn out sequels why haven’t we see them by now. because of factors 1. Was the previous season a profit 2. Do they have enough budget for a new season/OVA 3. Do they enough source material to work with 4. Do they have problems with cast and staff 5. Will the new season/OVA be a profit

  • OregaIru Season 2 Announced:
    Clearly hasn’t watch the anime.

  • OregaIru Season 2 Announced:
    Wait…You actually trust the lists in sankaku?

  • Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun Mecha Boob Action:
    Well ,I’ve already watched the anime, And the only thing that got animated “Well”, was when the Kiriko (main female) undresses and some boob jiggling. The Rest is just still shots and CG mecha action. Go to 17:10 in episode 1, and you’ll probably laugh at how bad it is.

  • Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun Mecha Boob Action:
    But it’s the truth, This anime barely has animation.


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