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This show was good until the stupid 4th girl (the real loli) came into the picture. Then it just felt to odd watching because of her.

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  • Laura Bodewig Bashful Bikini Figure:
    There is something about Laura. Not sure I can pinpoint it and not sure I want to. But she continues to be one of my top 5 favorite characters with no waning insight.

  • Hidan no Aria AA Anime Announced:
    This could be good. Will be disappointed if Kugimiya does not reprise. If they tweak the character design just slightly to be more like the VN illustrations, then this will be very cute. Also this series does need more ecchi in it.

  • Infinite Stratos World Purge Hen OVA Nipple Bonanza:
    Pic 53! My Wifu!

  • Amagi Brilliant Park Total AV Anime:
    KyoAni is very hit or miss in my opinion. Amagi is very much a hit. Interesting story, likeable and cute characters. And just the proper amount of tasteful fanservice, which I am surprised with, seeing that this is a KyoAni production.

  • Miku Triumphs on Letterman:
    Not sure if it was the model they used or the setup, but Miku looked very basic. Also I agree that the song was NOT good. I wish she sung World is Mine and in Japanese!!! That would have been excellent!!


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