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This show was good until the stupid 4th girl (the real loli) came into the picture. Then it just felt to odd watching because of her.

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  • Tenchi Muyo! OVA PV “The Classic Returns!”:
    Tenchi OVA was one of the first Anime’s I saw, so I am very critical of continuations and additional seasons. The art in this looks horrible. Granted Tenchi OVA was one of the last cell drawn Anime’s which gave it such a fantastic feel and look. Trying to make this new OVA with computer assist completely ruins the feel of Tenchi. Just like the disappointment I felt with Tenchi Universe and Tenchi In Tokyo.

  • Breezy Yuki Nagato Cosplay Quite Tranquil:
    Real cute! Proportions are spot on and has the interesting atmosphere to her. She can read a book in my room as long as she likes :)

  • Top 20 Autumn 2016 Anime You’re Still Watching:
    I assume flip flappers is not on here because it is so awesome no one would ever drop it..

  • Keyakizaka46 “Nazi” Uniforms Force Sony Apology:
    But it didn’t. It pissed off a certain vocal group only. I assume you watch Anime if you visit a site as this. So you know that a very common theme is the “German” character dressed in WWII looking outfits or just plane German based Anime. Infinite Stratos had Laura Strike Witches had Erica Girls und Panzer Schwartzmarken Hellsing Just to name a few off the top of my head.

  • Keyakizaka46 “Nazi” Uniforms Force Sony Apology:
    Seriously? They are cute outfits worn by cute girls. It has a military look, but it adds to the style. Who cares if it looks like something Hugo Boss made back in the 40’s.


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