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This show was good until the stupid 4th girl (the real loli) came into the picture. Then it just felt to odd watching because of her.

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  • Super Sexy Sonico Cosplay by Mana:
    YUCK! If I want to look at fat cows I can just look out my office door at the women on the sales floor. American Diet? Ugh….

  • Top 20 Seiyuu With The Most Surprising Ages:
    I can’t believe her role as Naru from Love Hina was not listed. To me her best role and most popular anime.

  • Top 10 Most Wonderful Anime of 2014:
    Wow Amagi was the only Kyoto Anime of recent years I very much enjoyed!

  • Top 10 Manga That Deserve An Anime:
    I’d love to see Jigokuren turn into an anime. Shaft can make it, as I can see them producing it properly with the right amount of Gore and Humor.

  • Dog Days 3 Slimy Bathing Anime:
    Never watched the first 2 seasons, but decided to give this one a watch after seeing a decent fan service screen cap. This is a weird one to judge. I feel it is a more kid based anime, until all the service is shown. Then it goes into pretty decent ecchi mode…. Characters are a bit to cartoony I feel, but call me a hentai, but I like the ecchi in this, and that most of the characters are quite loli


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