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This show was good until the stupid 4th girl (the real loli) came into the picture. Then it just felt to odd watching because of her.

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  • Amagi Brilliant Park Total AV Anime:
    KyoAni is very hit or miss in my opinion. Amagi is very much a hit. Interesting story, likeable and cute characters. And just the proper amount of tasteful fanservice, which I am surprised with, seeing that this is a KyoAni production.

  • Miku Triumphs on Letterman:
    Not sure if it was the model they used or the setup, but Miku looked very basic. Also I agree that the song was NOT good. I wish she sung World is Mine and in Japanese!!! That would have been excellent!!

  • Nisekoi Season 2 Unveiled:
    Best new after a long day of work. I want more screen time for Tsugumi!! In season 2.

  • Otaku Still Revere Ritsu’s Birthday:
    Ugh this shit is still in circulation. Never felt the appeal for K-on. Not cute, funny, interesting, moe, etc. And I like those type normally!!!

  • Majimoji Rurumo Magical Beach Anime:
    This series really surprised me for the Summer. One of the funniest I have seen in quite a while!!!


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