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Pedobear approved!!

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  • OniAi Blu-ray Nipple Packed:
    I believe they could make a touhou cosplay (hakurei, kirisame, youmu, suika, hoshiguma)

  • OniAi Blu-ray Nipple Packed:
    what makes it more amusing is the fact the imouto is voiced by an actual 15 year old girl…

  • OniAi Blu-ray Nipple Packed:
    Amen to this! Such annoyance because of that ‘Nyuu’ and similar sounds. She didn’t fit in at all…

  • OniAi Blu-ray Nipple Packed:
    Anime dropping to new lows, now that I’m older i understand where the ” All anime is porn thing is coming from” because thats all that it is nowadays. sigh I gonna have give up on the idea of japan cartoons being superior to american cartoons. The only benifit to japanime is ass tits. Everything else falls short having dbz-esque episodic filler, the same fucking story with either a harem, pansy that gets beat on by girls, or strong OP male with no reason for his story to be told since hes so …

  • OniAi Blu-ray Nipple Packed:
    just read the light novel and you’ll understand. the guy is a badass, that’s why.

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    Praise china!

  • IdoMaster × Shinjuku Station “Goods Gone in 2 Hours”:
    you dont need to. just hang your self.

  • Minami Kotori Ero-Cosplay Selfie Obsessed:
    She really wasn’t 18.

  • StudioFow Fiora Eroge Thrusts Hard:
    Hardcore fanboy triggered. This was their laziest work to date, it’s like they’re pumping out trash work so they have an excuse to get paid 30k monthly, like it’s not hard, I’ve done a few testes, and with that money, you have more than enough time to put in good work. Thus they have no talent or just don’t give a shit. People like you worshipping then is why shitty works like this comes out.

  • Lolicon Teacher Gets Off With JC & JK Sex:
    The 13 year old age of consent is a bit of a myth some “local” laws have the age that low but Japanese “national” law is 18+ it’s sort of like Local vs State vs Federal in the USA. Smoking weed is a good hot topic example. A few states have completely legalized however even in state it has not been legalized local ordinances allow and local law enforcement can not press charges against you for smoking, however should a state trooped drive by while you’re smoking a joint on the street corner …


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