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  • Kizumonogatari 3-Part Trilogy Announced:
    Would go to the cinema for this. But cinema is pretty much dead and doesn’t have the fansubbes superior version anyway, so I won’t.

  • Funimation GamerGate Quip “Inexcusable!”:
    Isn’t gamergate that thing were game”journalists” tried to fight irrelevancy with controversy? How ironic for it to be mentioned in a re-dub.

  • Dragon Ball Super Drags On:
    Pretty sure DBZ is only popular because there was no competition in 1989. I mean, just look at the TV program from that year. You could watch Aoi Blink, which is about some boy and his flying pony. Or there was Konchuu Monogatari Minashigo Hutch. A show about some ugly Bee. Heck, most of the “anime” from that time don’t even look anything like what we associate with anime today. You only had DBZ, Ranma 1/2, City Hunter 3, some mecha stuff, Yawara and Idol Densetsu Eriko. You’ve never heard of …

  • Dragon Ball Super Drags On:
    DB and DBZ sucked hard. GT was decent so that one got our hopes up for something that isn’t shit.

  • Frilly Gokou Ruri Cosplay by Little Neko Azusa:
    if the surgeon fucked up she can’t


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