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Why should we? I’m kind of baffled why men are still shoehorned into an very old and outdated role model.
We still have to take immense pains upon us to give people benefits who simply don’t deserve them.

Why should we have to prostrate ourselves to adhere to old ideals and rules when the other side doesn’t have to adher to their part anymore?

Do you really think any girl will thank you for acting like that? No! Most of the time they’ll either think that you are a creep or simply want to get into their panties.
Of course they take it anyway since it benefits them, but don’t expect them to respect you or act in a “lady like” manner.

There used to be two sides to this, one is gone, why trying to keep the other alive when it only detrimential to you?

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    Or decrease Gaga’s fanbase when they realize the opening act is more interesting than the show itself. You know, like a baseball game.

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    Wait, but you are “3D”, too…

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    Where are you getting your pricing from? Most online retailers have this listed at around $160.

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    Some musicians don’t let you bring your phone in. Prince has security confiscate everyone’s phone before they get in the door, but that’s more about him being a paranoid psycho who doesn’t want to give anyone an opportunity to try to make some easy cash off his image. He doesn’t even let reporters record him when he gives interviews most of the time or even write it down, they have to memorize what he said.

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    I’m not overly optimistic. Remember when the Gorillaz were supposed to tour as holograms but they pussied out and turned it into Damon Albarn and a bunch of random people sitting around trying to imitate the Grateful Dead?


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